Tutorial – How To Clean a E-Cigarette

Tutorial – How To Easily Clean a E-Cigarette

This is my guide on How Best to wash a e-cigarette readily in under ten minutes I hope you guys enjoy this any queries please Don’t Hesitate to ask and I’ll try my best to assist you once more thanks for viewing and please register if you found this helpful follow me on Twitter @pickett1993 and xbox in iTriiNiTy x

38 thoughts on “Tutorial – How To Clean a E-Cigarette

  1. Cheers bro this actually helped, thing is most videos will just tell you to do it, and won’t even bother to go through the steps but this actually helped

  2. I have an old hit man ecig I was ready to scrap but this may be a saver..just like mine. Easy to follow because of similar make. thanks!

  3. My boyfriend has just started using a e-cigarette and wanted to clean it so thankyou for posting this video as it will help him

  4. Just throw the damn thing away. For heaven’s sake you can buy these from the poundshop and poundland for £1!

  5. Great vid buddy, I’ve always wanted to know how to clean mine. Look forward to seeing more of your vids. And please keep them topless cuz you have a sexy bod and love the tatts too. I’ll give you a like just for being topless. Catch you later.

  6. My e-cig doesn’t have that kind of wick. And also question.. how often should you change to a new coil?

  7. hi, can anybody tell me how to remove atomizer, i mean that thing with 2 strings at side ? 3:50 i mean that ,i need to untwist it or what? because i cant and i dont want to push woo hard because i can break that glass, thanks

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