Uncovered: E-Cigarettes

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Some use it owing to its appealing and novelty tastes, but do we understand what is being inhaled?
We sought to discover.

7 thoughts on “Uncovered: E-Cigarettes

  1. E-cig regulation? like maybe a prescribed version only supplied medically for nicotine addicts. Only for appropriate age and proven smokers. Idk. Just random thought. Heres how i got into this stuff.
    I first started by trying a friends cig and he mentioned if inhaled correctly you will definitely get a nice buzz. After shitloads of coughing, i did. So i smoked a bunch of menthol ciggies and never planned to quit because i actually made many friends and bonded with existing ones alot. My friends who didnt smoke didnt mind much as well (i did specifically mention that they should tell me if they do not want any ciggy smoke around). One of our bois walked up to our usual spot and pulls out a vape. Of course everyone starts spamming the shit out of it. The clouds were cool and the flavour was sweet and delicous. Almost like a snack. Now once awhile some of us would skip ciggies and just puff on said vape(no need lighter no need commitment for whole stick). And slowly one by one, a bunch of us got our own vapes. We still hve our smoke breaks, we still bonded. And its a much healthier activity now. I still have a ciggy now and then if offered but i dont crave for it. The real kickers are pod vapes. These run on saltnic and are much higher concentration nicotine. After trying these, my craving for ciggarettes are basically 0. But not having my pod makes me miss it sometimes. I dont know if thats addiction or it just became my stress reliever. The pods could have made me more dependent on nicotine but it also kicked cigarettes from my wants and needs. I dont know if thats good or bad. But i think the vapes were a fun part of my uni life.

  2. Smoking or vaping are both unhealthy. Anything unnatural that is inhaled is very hard to be considered healthy. However, I really do feel if someone is wanting to kick the cigarettes, vaping can be a much safer option.

    Stuff about diacetyl being in the e-juice is true but it is minimal and it shouldn’t cause any harm. What is my basis of that claim? Cigarettes have tons and tons more diacetyl in it but there have been no cases of ‘popcorn lungs’ in regular smokers.

    As for Formaldehyde, the test done by researchers were not realistic. The test was done by cranking the power up to an unusable level for a vaper. High levels of formaldehyde was found only when the coil and cotton were burning due to high heat, and at this point it’d have been smoke instead of vapour. This is unrealistic as vapers usually just take a puff which only lasts to 3-5 seconds and do not use such high power. A test was done by CDC, a disease research industry, in a common vape shop and found only small traces of formaldehyde which was already common in normal air.

    I’ve been off cigarettes for about a year now after smoking for 10 years and now vaping. I feel much better than when I was smoking, and I can breathe better. The reason why there’s so many researches that are ‘debunking’ (falsely) the harms of vaping is because Big Tobacco companies are afraid of losing money and governments won’t be able to tax them.

    That’s just what I think and my two cents of the whole situation. Cigarettes have caused so much more deaths while vaping has not caused any (in my research) but please prove me wrong. Then why is vaping receiving such a bad light?

  3. So I’m American as vaping is somewhat of an epidemic here as people think it’s harmless, people end up vaping more and taking in more chemicals than cigarettes because they’re able to do it inside. This leads to people hitting their vapes every 2 to 5 minutes. Which really amplifies exposure. If they banned them tomorrow it’d prob be a good choice

  4. Cigarettes : 7K Chemical Compounds
    E Cigarettes : 113 Chemicals
    Cigarettes : $13 Per Pack
    E Juice : $20-30 Per Bottle
    Why is e-cigarettes illegal? The government can’t tax e juice.

  5. I am trying super hard to quit smoking but is just so hard. Started at age 14 which I can smoke up to a pack or more til I was 17 I started to cut down to 15, sticks and around July 2018 I started to cut down to 7 sticks. Yesterday, I determine to kick this habit and only smoked 3 sticks but today I went back up to 5. Anyone relate to my story? I know im young people would say it would be easier for me but I would get so super restless and light head when I don’t get enough nicotine. Please help

  6. So you would rather have people smoke ciggarettes instead which has at least 20 different types of poisons in it?

    Majority of ejuices have stopped using the diacetyl in their flavorings. Once it gets legalized, products will be more controlled and studied and developed at the same time.

    People who have a problem with the vape industry is big tobacco and the government that taxes it.

    I have smoked for 4 years straight till vaping stopped my addiction to ciggarettes. I have now also stopped vaping as well.

    I find the tagline gateway drug very vague, is food a gateway drug as well since it gets people addicted to it?

    If you are worried about young people using it, then parents need to step up their parenting game up, parents these days have no relationship with their kids which leads the to kids hiding things from parents.

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