Use Rising amongst Teens

E-cigarette use Rising amongst Teens

CNN’s Poppy Harlow investigates why e-cigarettes are getting to be popular among teens.

50 thoughts on “Use Rising amongst Teens

  1. I feel like someone someday will say that *Monq is bad.*

    *Monq looks like a vape pen but it’s not it’s an oil diffuser and it doesn’t have nicotine or any chemicals it is simply just aromatherapy in a different form.*

  2. They make it look like theyre doing heroine……. or smoking cigarettes or drinking.

    Better vape and smoke weed.
    Dont do cigarettes and drink i mean drinking now and then is ok but yeah ;D 😀 😀

  3. what a complete joke this is….. what so kids are now vaping and now vaping is terrible? I mean I started smoking at the age of 13… do they put kids on tv smoking?……. no. I personally think its great that younger people are turning to ecig’s instead of real cigs. Its much safer cleaner and I think anyone with half brain should see this as a good thing! What will happen if kids cant smoke ecigs? Well they will more than likely go to the cancer sticks well done cnn pat on the back for this one..

  4. Fucking stupid how the government think blu and stuff think there marketing to kids adults like candy and cherry and donuts and shit to fucking inbread assholes

  5. Has any media outlet spoken about the use of nicotine-free e-liquids? I know a lot of school kids who vape without intaking nicotine. It seems the media can’t find a problem with that, however they’ll keep on testing it until they find something.

  6. Wait so what CNN is trying to say is if you are above the age of 18 there is no way you could like cherry crush flavor? Thats retarded Fuck you CNN the big tobacco companies are obviously paying them to make this. Also shouldn’t everyone be happy that teens are using these instead of real cigarettes or worse?!

  7. Um, research dating back to 1994 has proven that nicotine is not the addictive chemical in cigarettes, also starting back in 2003, due to its non addictive properties nicotine has been used in treating Alzheimer’s. Please CNN, we Vapers do our homework, do yours before airing things that can be damaging.

  8. Kinda funny that they don’t regulate alcohol like tobacco they have flavors too! I don’t see anybody coming home beating the crap out of their friends and family or driving home drunk and killing an innocent person after vaping an electronic cigarette. So it’s okay that one of the most used drug out there is just fine to have flavors like butterscotch watermelon Strawberry ect… because everyone knows that alcohol without flavoring taste like absolute shit!

  9. what kind of flavors are they supposed make? skunk? fucken poo flavor? fuck off.. the cigarette companies are paying off CNN to put out this fucken propaganda…they are losing alot of money

  10. The funny thing is I have never seen these E-Cig adds, so I know for fact that this is propaganda and you can buy a n e-cig without nicotine so CNN please do us all a favor and stfu

  11. This is not a smoking CESSATION product, its an smoking ALTERNATIVE. If you have quit smoking cigarettes and are using these e-cigs you actually haven’t quit, you still have a nicotine addiction. Keep your eyes open and you will see a rise in teen smoking if these are not properly regulated. These products should be regulated just like cigarettes.

  12. * Says that all the flavors have nicotine *
    Then everybody see 0:51 *Cherry Limeade 0mg* (0mg means it doesn’t have nicotine)

  13. Y’all know damn well that y’all also want to vape…. Just stfu cause y’all don’t know wtf your talking about. You can get a E-Cig with no nicotine just vapor and flavor. So learn before you speak so fuck off🖕

  14. When my daughter first shared with me that she wanted to try smoking. I told her about my experience visiting a cigarette factory and watching tobacco become brown sludge with over 400 different chemicals added and then being put through more processes to make it look more like tobacco again.

    And then I asked her to go to the Internet and get all the info she could about tobacco and if she still wanted to smoke, I’d buy her a pack of American Spirit.

    To my surprise she came back with info and still wanted to try it. So we arranged a time and a place to do it.

    She inhaled… she coughed… she laughed… she got a little dizzy… she liked that… she got a little more dizzy… she didn’t like that… then she got nauseous… she really didn’t like that…

    She said: why do people do it!

    They like the dizzy feeling… the nausea dissipates after awhile… but you know there is another way to get dizzy: spinning!

    So she became a Sufi!

  15. I love how right when she says all of the flavours have nicotine it shows a bottle of cherry limeade with 0mg nicotine😂

  16. Let’s be real you can confront some people about this but teens are reckless and they will always find away to get what they want even if it’s underage smoking and not all eliquids have nicotine infact most are 0mg so ……

  17. Isn’t it better that kids smoke e cigs than actual cigarettes? E cigs may not be great, but it won’t kill you like real cigarettes will

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