Vivid E.liquid Electronic Cigarette unboxing And Demo.

Vivid E.liquid Electronic Cigarette unboxing And Demo.

In this movie I will wind up boxing the vibrant e liquid cigarette and showing you how you can utilize it. Make certain to subscribe on how I am getting on with also my procedure of stopping smoking and it.

23 thoughts on “Vivid E.liquid Electronic Cigarette unboxing And Demo.

  1. ooh dont screw the bits together real.tight..just enough to put it together these have an issue with the central pins pushing each other back and then not making contact…check out Central Pin Issue or No smoke when vaping videos on here. Good luck mate despite my recent problems I havnt touched a fag in over two years!

  2. I was really impressed with the Vivid e-cig. It wasn’t my first but the battery lasted longer than other batteries I’ve used and the vapour production is good. 8/10

  3. Thinking about getting this exact one so whats the Deal with this m8? is the liquid any-good? tried ones look like cig, felt like smoking plastic, that lasted about 3 days!

  4. Just started using this as an entry vape. The quality is not great, but it does the job if you are uncertain that’s the direction you want to go. Mine at least seems to last. I’m not sure this will make me quit as I have gone cold turkey for six months in the past and know there’s no miracle to quitting. However I am noticing a few advantages of this.
    1) Unlike a ciggi-like it doesn’t cost a lot.
    2) The taste is variable so you can’t really get bored of it.
    3) When you go back to a flavourless cigarette it truly is a massive let down.
    One thing I dislike about this and vapes in general; I feel they look very uncool. But if you are a serious addict then that is a minimal trade off.

  5. hi i just started vaping I cant seem to get the wick bit out to clean it so i can change flavour any ideas !!!!!

  6. I’ve been using e-cigs for years then bought a £9.99 clearomiser that lasted 6months and 6 weeks ago.when battery died I bought the vivid lasted less than a day…the top bit didn’t work I used the old clearomiser on vivid battery then the mouthpiece broke two days ago an idiot I went and bought another vivid kit..this time zilch not a sausage..they tried to get me to take it back to the shop.but I stuck to my guns and they gave me a freepost address and a reference to send clearomiser back (could be a bad batch) will let you.know how I get on!

  7. I just bought a reffil of the classic tobbaco , its normally yellow in colour, but this liquid is clear! Have vivid changed the colour ? I have been using it for 2 years and its always yellow,

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